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Quote of the Day

Taylor: “Mommy, your bottom is big.”

Me: “Thanks, Tay.” (then she got a spanking…JUST KIDDING!!!)

This is just what every woman, pregnant or not, wants to hear.¬† ūüôā¬† It did make me laugh, though.


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38 Weeks

Somehow, I’m 38 weeks pregnant today.¬† Wow.¬† It’s crunch time!¬† This morning I took a bunch of¬†Taylor’s old clothes¬†out of her¬†closet¬†so Nick could¬†put another hanging rod in there for Caroline’s clothes.¬† Looks like all that stuff is about to be moved into the guest room closet. Yay for having another place to move it! It kinda grosses me out to put clothes¬†in the attic, so I don’t.¬† If I had some of those impermeable space saver bags then I probably would, but I don’t.¬† Even then, I’d want to put them inside a rubbermaid bin or something. Anyway…¬† Our next project is to hang curtains in her room which should happen tonight.¬† We’ll post pictures of that asap.¬† Awesome story about the curtains – I’ve had my eye on these particular curtains at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a while now, but in my true procrastinator fashion, I kept putting it off.¬† Even though I loved them and they were the perfect green, I just didn’t want to spend the money.¬† I’m cheap that way.¬† Then I was in the store one day about a week and a half ago and the curtains were on clearance!¬† Each panel was marked half-off and we need 4 panels for her room, so I was pumped but also¬†a little bummed because they didn’t have the right color in the store.¬† I asked an associate if they’d be on clearance online, too, and she said not necessarily but if they were that online items that go to clearance usually sell out quickly.¬† So I rushed to work and got on the computer and there they were!¬† The beloved, beautiful curtain panels in the perfect green to match Caroline’s bedding.¬† I can’t explain how excited I was¬†(and still am).¬† Moral of the story: Good things come to those who wait! Sometimes my procrastination benefits me…but usually not. ūüôā

I had another ultrasound yesterday and she looks great!¬† The u/s tech said she had the cutest little mouth and nose.¬†¬†Caroline is¬†estimated to be¬†6 lbs 2 oz and has grown nicely since my last u/s at the beginning of the month! Praise God!¬† That’s already 1 oz more than Taylor weighed at birth.¬† I’m not putting too much weight into that # (no pun intended) because u/s weight estimates can be up to 2 lbs or so off.¬†¬†I haven’t¬†dilated any more since my¬†visit last Friday, but¬†Caroline has moved down further (last week she was at -1 station and yesterday she was at 0 station)!¬† I’m still not having any real contractions, just alot of Braxton Hicks. But I guess that’s better than nothing, right?¬† So now we just wait.¬† I guess I should start packing a hospital bag just in case…or at least make a list of what to pack.¬† That would probably be a good idea.

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37 weeks and the belly

As of¬†Saturday I’m officially 37 weeks pregnant. ¬†Whaaaat?!¬† That means only 3 weeks until my due date and a maximum of 4 more weeks pregnant.¬† I hope it’s not 4 more weeks…I’m just sayin’.¬† And for¬†those of you (yeah, you know who¬†you are) who are hoping for a 10/10/10 baby…let’s just say I’m not.¬† I had a good Dr’s appt¬†last Friday¬†at which the Dr. said “She’s a petite little thing.” I’m ok with that.¬† MALE READERS OR OTHERS WHO DON’T WANT THE DETAILS, SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH!¬†I’m¬†about 50% effaced, -1 station, and barely dilated.¬† I actually didn’t gain any weight¬†since my last appt.and I have no idea how,¬†but that’s fine because I gained plenty the week before.¬† I had been having some swelling in my¬†legs/ankles/feet/hands, but that seems to have gone away for now. ¬†¬†¬†

This pregnancy has gone by so quickly to me and some others have said the same.¬† Nick said the other day that he’s ready to hold¬†our baby¬†girl.¬† Me, too.¬† And I’m¬†so curious to see her!¬† I wonder who she’ll look like, how much she’ll resemble Taylor, how big/small she’ll be, if she’ll have a ton of dark hair like Taylor, if she’ll be a good sleeper/eater (please, Lord, let her be), how Taylor will react once “Baby Caroline” is actually here, etc.

I’ll leave you with the belly…

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The Big Reveal

Sorry to all those who have been waiting for pictures of Taylor’s haircut!¬† Quick background: I’ve been putting off cutting her hair for quite¬†awhile ¬†now, but it was definitely time. It was starting to get “redneck long” as Nick put it, and the ends were getting a bit scraggly, but I just wanted to keep those¬†few little curls at the bottom as long as I could. ¬†So after having “schedule Taylor’s haircut” written on my chalkboard and on numerous¬†to-do lists, I finally bit the bullet and¬†made an appt. for her.¬† I took her to a place in town called Smilz-n-Stylz which is a kids only salon and she did great! I had heard mixed reviews about it, so I was a little leery, but I wanted to¬†take her somewhere special for her first cut. When I got there they didn’t have¬†her on the schedule – not the best start. I’m not sure how she got left off the schedule, but they took¬†her anyway, she did great, and I’m very pleased with¬†the results!¬† I’ve said numerous times over the last day and a half “it looks so pretty!”¬† So without further adieu, her are some before and after pictures!




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Stay Tuned…

Taylor will be getting her very first haircut this morning! I took some “before” pics the other day, but I’ll post those later with the “after” pics. Yes, grandparents, her hair will stay long, but she’ll lose more than just an inch or two. She has lots to spare because her Mama kept putting it off! Imagine that…I procrastinated on something.

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Just some pictures

I love shoes!  So does my lion.

Catching zzz’s with daddy

Go Canes!

Ice cream sandwiches with my cousins

Another first day of school photo

Riding my train

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One month to go

Today is September 9…the due date is October 9.¬† You know what that means:¬† only 1 month left until the due date.¬† Kinda crazy!

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