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The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance…to the flag
Of the Yinden States of America
And to the repub-a-lic, and which’n stands
One mation, UNDER GOD, innavisible
And liverty and justice FOR ALL!!!


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6 Weeks Old

Caroline turned 6 weeks old today! I don’t even know what to type. Try to follow my scattered thoughts.

On one hand it has flown by and seems like she was born just yesterday, but on the other hand it seems like she’s been a part of our family for much longer. One thing is for sure, though…we love her very much. She’s just precious. She’s been a pretty good baby, but I probably just jinxed myself by typing that. And while I’m jinxing myself, I’ll go ahead and say that she’s been a good sleeper, too. So now I’ll brace myself for what’s to come. 🙂 In those first days home with her when I was desperate for sleep and super hormonal, I broke the rules and let her sleep on her tummy and begged the Lord to keep her safe as she slept.  And at time I even let her sleep on my chest. Both major no-no’s. A week or two ago (I’ve lost track of time) I did some reading on SIDS and starting getting a little nervous about putting her on her tummy, so I decided to try to swaddle her and put her on her back to sleep. She did great! I had tried that when we first got home from the hospital but she would not sleep that way. I’m glad to say that she will now. She still sleeps in that pack-n-play in our room, and will for a while longer. Not sure how long, but at least until I get a video monitor. She has slept through the night a couple of times and last Wednesday night she slept for NINE hours! The next day I kept thinking, “Did I feed her in the middle of the night and just forget?” But I didn’t. She really did sleep that long! I’ve read that the 6 week mark can be a bit challenging with some babies, as they become more alert, have more wakeful time, and possibly more fussy time. I have noticed her having more wakeful time and fighting sleep a few times over the last couple of days. 

Caroline is smiling a little bit more lately and we’ve even been able to make her do it. I barely caught this smile on camera and it’s not her full, big smile so you can’t see the cute little dimple on her right cheek. The resemblance between her and Taylor as a baby keeps increasing. When she was first born I said I could see some similarities and Nick didn’t think they looked alike at all. But now Caroline looks almost like baby Taylor’s twin.

Taylor loves her baby sister very much! She seems to be pitching more fits than normal, which is probably a combination of not being the center of attention anymore and being 3 years old, but other than that she’s doing well. Nick and I are learning how to love and give attention to 2 children, and I’d say we’re making progress. I’ve learned that I have to make the most of my time with Taylor while Caroline is sleeping and to make sure Taylor feels included and helpful. She is a good helper, but sometimes wants to help a little too much. 🙂 My patience is tested at least once a day, and sometimes all day long. 😉 Overall, though, I feel that we’re transitioning well and slowly settling in…and it’s nice.

P.S. She’s sporting her Kate Gosslin ‘do in this picture.

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1 Month Check-up

This is going to be short and sweet. Caroline had her 1 month check up yesterday and got a great report! She’s gained 2 lbs and 1 oz since birth and has grown 2 inches, though I should re-measure her length since they always seem to be careless when measuring. I actually didn’t cry when she got her shot, but it was heartbreaking nonetheless. Here are her stats:

Height: 22 inches (75th%)

Weight: 9 lbs 1 oz (50th%)

Head: 36 cm (20th%)

I just noticed that her thigh looks a bit chunky in this picture, but I assure you it’s not.  Despite her 2 lb gain she still looks tiny.

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Three of them…really?

Ok, in the past week and a half I’ve had 2 lizards and 1 salamander in my house…during the day…when Nick was at work. DEE-SKUS-TEENG! Disgusting! They absolutely freak me out! They’re so fast and spastic! I cannot make myself grab them.

The first one was a huge green lizard that was just hanging out on the brick wall of my den. It was near the back door, which has a window in it, so I think he was longing to be outdoors and trying to figure out how to escape. I thought the neighbor boys would enjoy capturing it, so I called them. So they show up with a plastic bag. That was my first clue that maybe they weren’t fans of lizards. Thankfully they made a sacrifice for me and did eventually shoo it out the back door with a broom. Turns out they don’t like lizards either! What?! Shocker.

The next one was much smaller, but it was a lizard nonetheless. And lizards DO NOT BELONG in my house, thankyouverymuch! Taylor was over by the front window of the living room and right as I saw something jump onto the striped chair, Taylor freaked out and bolted toward me. I would have run away, too.  She comes by it honestly because neither Nick nor I like lizards or lizard-like things. I thought I might actually be able to make myself get this one out the front door since it was so close to it anyway, so I ran to get the broom. Then it jumped onto the blinds and eventually climbed onto the window. So I quickly closed the blinds (knowing full well that it could still fit through the slats if it wanted) and walked away, trying to pretend he would remain contained. Eventhough Nick couldn’t find him at first when he got home, he was able to save the day and shoo it outside.

And last, but not least, the salamander. I walked into our bedroom and there it was…on the door frame…right at eye level. I was immediately mad. I may have even used a colorful word or two – not sure. It spastically scurried onto the wall in true salamander fashion. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew it COULD NOT stay in my house and definitely not in my room where my baby was sleeping! After giving it a few seconds of thought I grabbed the fly swatter. He was just going to have to die. There was no way around it. I didn’t enjoy killing it, but the thought of it staying alive in my house and potentially crawling on my baby, made it bearable.

Hopefully I’ll never have another story like this one, but it’s highly unlikely. We’ve had more unwelcome critters in our house than I care to remember. Unfortunately I can’t forget. And I guess they do make for funny/interesting stories later.

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1 Month Old ALREADY

It’s November 4th and Caroline is ONE MONTH OLD today! CRAY-ZY!!! I’m sure I’ll say this every month, but the time really does fly by. We’re all doing pretty well with our new little addition. It has definitely been an adjustment for each of us, but we wouldn’t trade her. According to our scale at home she weighs around 9 lbs., but we’ll find out for sure tomorrow at the Dr. I’m curious to see how long she is, too. What I’m absolutely NOT looking forward to are the shots. 😦  I’m guaranteed to cry. I’ll post again with her height and weight stats and percentiles and an update on how she did at the pediatricians office. I’d like to write more, but she’s not a happy camper right now, so I must go. And I’ll put a picture on the next post, too…promise.

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Baby’s First Boo

Happy Halloween! Our Halloween consisted of going to 2 of our neighbors houses and to the church. We took the girls next door to the Stokes where she got some candy and a present (a Dora toy) and then walked across the street to the Cannons and got some more candy and a quick visit. I (Robyn) had actually never officially met the Cannons eventhough we’ve lived here for 2 1/2 years. I was glad to finally meet them! After that we headed up to our church for Cars With Candy…our church’s version of Trunk or Treat. It was fun to see the other kids’ costumes (and adults’ costumes, too, for that matter), see some people from the surrounding community, and visit with friends. Taylor was going to be a princess, then she was going to be a fairy, and finally she went as a Miami cheerleader. I wore Caroline in the Moby wrap and she was snug as a bug and slept the whole time. We came home with some of our own candy leftover and the little bit of candy in Taylor’s bag that she had not yet eaten. I’m not real sure how much she started out with, but I do know she enjoyed it and her Mama didn’t even try to keep her from eating it. I did, however, hide it when we got home and she hasn’t really asked for it that much. I, on the other hand, have helped myself to her stash several times over that last few days. It’s like my sweet tooth from when I was younger has returned. That’s precisely why we don’t make a habit of keeping sweets in the house. I guess I should hurry up and finish this candy. 😉

P.S. That’s a spider hat from preschool in the last picture.

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