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5 Months Old

I figure I should type a quick post about Caroline at 5 months old since she’ll turn 6 months in less than 1 week. Crazy! Where has the time gone?! Here are a few things about sweet Caroline as a 5 month old:

– she’s super smiley and super cute
– has blue eyes and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna stay
– looks alot like her big sister as a baby
– her hair grows exactly the same as Taylor’s did as a baby (underneath layer grows straight forward)
– still has a bald spot in the back but it’s filling in
– her hair is really long on the top, but not so much on the sides
– sometimes we call her Liney
– she adores her Daddy and especially loves to smile at him (don’t get me wrong, she loves Taylor and me, too, but there’s just something about her Daddy)
– getting chunky thighs just like Taylor did (they get that from me…sorry girls, you have a lifetime of frustration when shopping for pants/shorts)
– seems to be teething and has for awhile because she loves to chew on everything
– still wakes up once or twice a night to nurse (I totally said I was going to make sure she slept through the night earlier than Taylor…but no)
– does NOT like rice cereal
– she’s a good and sweet baby
– recently quit sleeping in the swaddler and now uses a sleep sack
– still doesn’t have an exact daily schedule, but is fairly predictable meaning she eats every 3-4 hours and her max wake time is about 2 hours (sometimes I like not being tied down to an exact schedule, but other times I wish I knew what she’d being doing at what time when trying to plan something for the future)
– wears a size 2 diaper and mostly 3-6 month clothes, but still some 0-3 month clothes
– loves to squeal
– recently discovered her feet and loves them
– can roll over both ways like a champ
– she can change moods in a heartbeat

Caroline, we love you so much and can’t imagine life without you! It’s been so much fun to watch you grow, but it’s going by too fast!!! Here are some pics from a photo shoot I attempted. You were getting sleepy and not loving the camera.

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We’ve been pretty busy lately with a lot of different things.  Here’s a recap:

Nick turned 33 on the 3rd and we celebrated with carrot cake cupcakes that Robyn and Taylor made.

Taylor has been having a lot of fun being outside in this nice weather.

Last Thursday night we had a weekday date night which is very unusual for us.  We both like Mark Schultz and he put on a free concert at an outdoor park in Pensacola to benefit Bethany Christian Services.

The Crooms came in town on Wednesday and the kids have had a ton of fun playing together, as usual.  While the big kids were swinging,

Caroline chilled on the hammock.


On Saturday we all went to Fairhope for the annual arts & crafts festival.  It was fun but the girls made it a little tough.  Lesson learned for next year.  That night the whole crew got together for dinner at Robyn’s dad’s house.

Today Robyn and Taylor went to see the Mobile Ballet put on their rendition of Cinderella. More info and pics of that to come late.


And we finished our weekend by having a picnic of chili cheese dogs.

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A Bit Behind

To say that I’m a bit behind on blogging would be quite the understatement. And I may be writing this for absolutely no reason, since I probably have no readers anymore due to my lack of posting. But I have good excuses, the main one being that my mom’s cancer has returned. We found that out a few days after I posted “what.a.day”. I would have chosen a different title had I known what the future held. So forgive me for not keeping you updated. I’ll try to play catch up and hit some of the highlights…maybe.

For now I’ll leave you with a picture from a little photo shoot I had with Caroline. It was pretty much a bust. Out of about 60 pictures I could count on one hand the number of good decent ones. That’s what I got for trying it on a whim! My friend Elizabeth called to let me know she had some Japanese Magnolias in bloom in her backyard and that she had had a photo shoot with her baby girl that turned out really well. I toyed with the idea of waiting until Nick got home to be the photographer, or doing it a different day, but the weather was perfect so I jumped on it! But first I had to feed her, then bathe her, then choose a few dresses for her to wear. Turns out I took too long and she left her smiles at home. Lesson learned. Planning is key.

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