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Beach trip

We had a great trip to St. Pete last week.  It was a lot of fun to see family and my parents loved seeing Taylor and Caroline.  One of the fun things we did while we were down there was to go to Caladesi Island.  My mom took the day off work and stayed home with Caroline, which was great of her.  My sister-in-law and their kids Mia and Nathan went with us while Jonathan worked and Taylor had a lot of fun playing with them.  The island itself wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be but it was still fun.

Taylor and her cousins

Taylor and Nathan

She had a lot of fun out there

Heading down the boardwalk to the boat after a long day on the island


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Welcome home

We’ve been home from our week-long vacation for about 6 hours and these two things have happened:

1. The ceiling fan in our bedroom fell down onto the bed. Thankfully no one was on the bed when it happened.

2. We discovered that a cat had a litter of kittens in our shed.

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Our dear friends, the Comptons, have a beautiful little girl named Campbell and have been trying for over three years to get pregnant with their second child but have been unable to do so. God has put it on their hearts to adopt a child and they are in the process of doing that (interviews, home inspection, etc). Unfortunately the cost of adoption is high (much higher than it should be, we think), so they designed an awesome shirt that they are selling as a fundraiser to help with the costs.

The shirts are charcoal grey and are available in Men’s, Women’s (fitted), Youth and Toddler sizes.

We’re helping them spread the word, so if you’re interested in helping them with the cost of adoption, click here to go to their blog, or send an email to either me or Nick.  Katie and Ben have meant so much to us over the last 6+ years that we’ve known them and we’re happy to support them and hope that you’d consider it also.

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First time trying baby food

Since Caroline is now over 6 months old we thought we should try feeding her some baby food. Taylor was a champ with baby food and we hoped that it would be the same with Caroline. Not so much. We tried feeding sweet potatoes to her but she did noooot like it.

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I’m not even sure if any of that food went all the way down to her belly. Oh well, looks like this will take more work than it did with Taylor.

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My knee

I think most people who read our blog have probably heard this already, but I (Nick) tore my ACL about a week and a half ago. I was playing in a church league basketball game and basically went up for a layup and came down funny. Right away I knew that something bad happened. I wasn’t in the worst pain ever, but when it happened I could feel stuff moving in my knee that shouldn’t have moved. One of the first things I thought after it happened was what Robyn told me before I left the house: don’t get hurt! The last time she told me not to hurt myself I broke my arm.

When I woke up the next morning it was pretty swollen and I called an Orthopedist first thing to make an appointment for later that day. When I got in to see him he moved my knee around and said that he was pretty sure that I tore my ACL. He scheduled an MRI for the next day (Saturday) so that we could find out for sure. I was thankful that I was able to see him and have the MRI done so quickly.

A couple days after the MRI I went back to see him and he said that the ACL was in fact torn. I’m not looking forward to going through surgery and rehab but I know that it’ll be worth it in the long run. I’ll have surgery in about a month and it’ll take close to 9 months after that until I’m back to 100%.

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