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Since we’re a little behind, here are some pictures that we’ve taken recently:

Chilling in her crib

Dancing with Mia

First time on a bike

How’s my hair?

Painting a canvas

Bath time!

Somehow she put this on herself

(words not necessary)


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I would start out with an apology for the lack of blogging, but I’m pretty sure the couple of people who still read the blog have already talked to Nick. 🙂  So why am I blogging, then?  Just so we can remember, I guess.

It’s been 9 days since Nick’s ACL Reconstruction and I’m very happy to say that he’s doing great!  He hasn’t taken any Percocet since Sunday night and has very little pain.  He will start taking it again next week when he begins Physical Therapy.  It’s supposed to be brutal and he is not looking forward to it one bit!  Neither am I. But in a way I am looking forward to the humorous stories that the Percocet provides. More on that in a minute.  As far as what Nick does everyday…he alternates between lying on the couch with his leg propped on pillows and sitting on the couch with his leg propped on pillows on the coffee table.  Not because he’s being lazy, he just really can’t do anything. He’s in an immobilizer (straight brace) and uses crutches (or crunches, as Taylor calls them). He has a few exercises he does several times a day and of course gets up to walk around a few times a day.  I’m super surprised he hasn’t gone stir crazy, because he’s not one to enjoy sitting around all day long.

Ok, for the funny Percocet side effects:

1. Nick told me, “I was going to ask you when I last talked to Latoya Jackson.” But then he thought, “no, I shouldn’t ask her that because I don’t really know her…but I do, I do know her and I need to talk to her about something.” He went back and forth in his head several times before he finally decided that he didn’t need to ask me.

2. I was getting back into bed after feeding Caroline in the middle of the night and Nick woke himself up by slapping his face over and over and over. He was thoroughly freaked out.

People keep asking me if Nick’s been a difficult patient, and every time I answer “no, he’s really not.”  Yes, he is needy since he’s very limited on what he’s able/allowed to do, but he’s been very kind and patient.  Even so, it’s been challenging for me taking care of 3 people, but I’m hanging in there!  We’ll go back to the Dr. on the 31st for his follow-up appt. and to have the staples, all 15 of them, removed.  Then the next day is his first PT session!  All in all, recovery is going well (minus the initial 36 hours), and though there’s still a long way to go, we know it will be well worth it once he’s fully recovered.

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Home Sweet Home

We’re home!  Nick got discharged from the hospital a little before 5 this evening.  All 3 of his girls are super happy to have him home, though Taylor wishes her Daddy would play silly with her.  That’s going to take a little time for Taylor to get used to. We had his prescriptions filled on the way home, and we’re happy to say that his pain is not as constant or intense as it was overnight and earlier today…thanks to the stronger percocet and many people’s prayers!

Some sweet friends of ours brought yummy enchiladas to us tonight and for that we are grateful!  It’s great to have a break from the responsibility of cooking.  Our wonderful neighbors, who I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, had the girls pretty much all day yesterday and today.  We are so so so blessed by them. They love God and love people, and are such selfless servants.  We really don’t know what we’d do without them.  They’ve been there for us on numerous occasions for many different things. Neighbors, if you’re reading this, you are priceless!

Nick’s asleep on the couch as I type and we’re hoping and praying for a good night sleep for him tonight. I would attach a picture or two from his phone, but I don’t know how.  We’ll try to do that tomorrow.  Thank you again for your prayers. Please continue to pray for effective pain management and protection for possible risks/complications from surgery.

Here’s a picture from when I brought the girls to see their daddy the night of the surgery.


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Nick’s surgery yesterday went well, but now he’s in alot of pain. He stayed at the hospital and had an awful night because the pain wouldn’t let him sleep. Please, please pray that they’ll get the pain managed very soon. They’ll keep him at the hospital until that happens. Thank you for your prayers.

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Nick’s Surgery

We just wanted to let you know that Nick will have surgery tomorrow, Monday the 16th, to repair his torn ACL. He’s supposed to be there at 11 to check-in and surgery is scheduled for 1:00.  Caroline and I will take Nick to the hospital while Taylor stays with our awesome neighbors.  Caroline will stay with me there at least for a little while and our priceless neighbors have offered to come get Caroline from the hospital if I need her to. We ask for your prayers.  Here are some specific requests:

– that surgery will start on time and there will be no complications

– that Nick and I won’t be anxious, but that the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus

– for his initial and long-term recovery to be as quick as possible

– for God to guide the surgeon’s hands and that the other surgery staff would be focused and excellent

– that Nick will tolerate the anesthesia well

– that there will be no surprises in the knee

– for Taylor to be gentle with her Daddy and able to understand what’s going on

– that Taylor will be on her best behavior for her babysitter and for Caroline to be good for me 🙂

– that for Nick’s pain will be quickly and easily managed

– that I (Robyn) won’t go crazy during Nick’s recovery and that I’ll be a selfless servant

Alright, I think that about covers it! 🙂  So go ahead and start praying now so you’ll have time to cover them all!  Seriously, though, thank you in advance for your prayers.  I’ll post again tomorrow as soon as I can.

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Easter eggs

Pretty much every store that we went in for a month before Easter seemed to have easter egg dying kits and Taylor spotted them pretty much every time.  We told her that we’d do that with Grandma in St. Pete once it got closer to Easter and she was so excited (or so “exciting” as she says).  She had fun making a memory with Grandma.

Checking out the different colors

So exciting

Moving the eggs around but not happy about something grandma just told her

The finished products

We didn’t do an egg hunt this year but we told her that next year we’ll do an egg hunt in the back yard for her and Caroline.  She can’t wait!

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When I got home from the gym this afternoon I noticed the rays of light coming through the fence so I grabbed my camera.  I was able to get a couple shots before Taylor decided that she needed to be in the picture.

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