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Fancy Nancy Birthday Soiree

For several months  Taylor had been talking about having a Fairy Princess Birthday Party for her 4th birthday.  Then one day about a month or so before her birthday she said she wanted to have a Fancy Nancy Party.  At the time she didn’t have anything Fancy Nancy, and as far as I know the only thing she knew about Fancy Nancy was that her cousin, Ella, got a F.N. game last Christmas. So I was completely surprised.  Soon after she dropped that bomb on me we checked out a Fancy Nancy book from the library, and she was hooked!  If you don’t know anything about Fancy Nancy, you should know that she is a little girl who loves all things fancy, including dress-up clothes and big words.  And if you don’t know my Tay Tay very well, you should know that her name could very well be Fancy Nancy.  She plays dress-up almost all day everyday. It’s not abnormal for her to wear several different dress-up outfits throughout the day.  When she’s not in dress-up clothes, she’s in a dress.  As for her vocabulary, she cracks us up with the words she uses sometimes.

I had lots of fun planning her party!  Of course I didn’t finish everything I wanted to before the party, and during and after the party I thought of things I could have done differently (yes, it stinks to be a perfectionist sometimes) but, I think it turned out well and most importantly the girls had fun!  I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, and I completely forgot to get a posed shot of the fancy girls.  The only group shot I got was at the table when they were eating but you can’t see everyone’s face that great.  Oh well!

The guests were greeted at the door with a Fancy Favor Bag filled with a tiara, wand, necklace and ring.  A few of the girls came dressed to the nines and didn’t really need the goodies in their favor bag.  Everyone was so precious!  I should have had a fashion show! They had fun just playing and putting on their new accessories as they waited for the other guests to arrive.  Once everyone was here we migrated to the den where they colored Fancy Nancy pictures, then had their toenails painted.  What color?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  None other than Flashy Fuschia, of course…fuschia is Nancy’s most favorite color, after all.  They could hardly contain themselves as they waited ever so patiently for their turn.  After that we made tissue paper butterflies with a glittered body made from a clothes pin, which I didn’t get a picture of since I was helping the girls. After that they ate lunch consisting of finger sandwiches, fruit kabobs, veggies and dip, pink lemonade, and pink cupcakes. Last, but definitely not least exciting, was the gift opening. I told Taylor where to sit, then I left the room for about 5 seconds to get the camera, and when I returned she had already begun opening her gifts! All the girls were crowded around her excited to see what she got and telling her which gift was from each one of them. I think it was a bit overwhelming for Taylor because she kept getting up and moving to a different spot!

I didn’t take a picture of the invitation, but it turned out super cute. I pulled colors from the invitation when I made the flag banner hanging in front of the window. You’ll see it in the pictures.


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