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Merry Christmas


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Mostly pictures

We’ve been a busy little family lately and blogging has been put on the backburner.  We still take as many pictures as always and have great intentions of posting them, but never get around to it, so here are several all at once.


We’re all very excited for Christmas, especially Taylor.  With weather that’s been in the 70’s it’s hard to believe that Christmas is a week from today.  We hope that all our family and friends have a great Christmas as we celebrate the reason for the season.


This is Caroline’s favorite way to sleep


We took a trip to Auburn a few weeks ago to see our good friends the Comptons.  Taylor and Campbell had a lot of fun together and it was a great to see our old friends


I walked in to check on the girls one night and this is how Caroline was sleeping


Tay Tay likes to play video games just like Daddy


A little family bonfire


She’s a little daredevil


Mommy and Taylor after going to see the Nutcracker ballet


Taylor did a great job playing an angel at the church Christmas play



This wasn’t staged!  Nick and his little twin really did catch some zzz’s like this!

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