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Caroline walking

This video is for Nick’s mom and anyone else that hasn’t seen Caroline walk yet.


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It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since we celebrated our youngest baby girl turning 1 YEAR OLD!!! We decided to keep it simple and have a small, family party, which really just consisted of my parents, Grandmother, and some of my aunts and an uncle. We frequently wish Nick’s family lived closer, especially times like this. To further the simplicity we served cupcakes and ice cream, and tea and water. Sweet and simple! Caroline seemed to enjoy her cake and I’m pretty sure Poppy (Robyn’s dad) snuck her some ice cream, too. Taylor enjoyed being the big sister by helping Caroline blow out the candle and open her gifts. She got some precious presents and she loves them all! Here are a few pictures of the festivities. Somehow we didn’t get a shot of all the party guests together or the food displayed. 😦 But we did get some good ones of the Birthday Girl! I love the progression of her facial expressions in the pictures of her eating the cake. I don’t know how to include captions using this particular slideshow program, but you can see for yourself that it didn’t take her long to move from “sugar shock” to “I LOVE CAKE!”

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Our Sweet Caroline turned ONE YEAR OLD today! Un-be-lievable! She is tons of fun and we love her so much! We’ll provide a more detailed post soon, but for now we’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of our precious girl.


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I took this picture of Caroline several weeks ago but we never posted it.  This is the first time that she tried peaches.  For obvious reasons, we haven’t fed them to her again.


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Random Updates

I’m so very behind, I don’t even know where to begin!  That kinda sums up my to-do list these days, too.  I feel like there are always things I need to do and things I want to do, and never enough time or money for that matter to do them all.  I just can’t seem to catch up.  Anyway, I’ll start with the last 26 or so hours.  Yesterday afternoon Caroline started running a bit of fever but it wasn’t terribly high, so I figured that if it continued and was still pretty low that I’d just wait until her 9 month well baby check up that was already scheduled for Monday.  Well, by a little before 8 p.m. her temperature had reached 104.4 degrees!  I immediately gave her some Ibuprofen, and after an hour it had only come down 1 degree.  The pediatric group we use has an after-hours and weekend clinic, but they were already closed. I started alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen every 3 hours and her fever steadily came down through the night.  It was a long night, with her sleeping on my chest for most of it.  She woke up several times and sometimes would just scream, so I knew she was hurting.  I suspected an ear infection (or two), so I planned on calling the doctor first thing this morning.  I got an appt for her and my suspicions were confirmed…my sweet baby Caroline has a double ear infection!  As if that wasn’t enough she has a bad cold and is a total mouth breather and super drooley (or is it drooly, or drool-y).  AND she has a really bad rash in the rolls on the back of one of her legs.  Poor little punkin is in a bad way right now.  Please pray with me that the Omnicef will work quickly and that she’ll be back to her happy little self in no time.

On a lighter note, we took some really cute pictures of Caroline the other night, but they’re not on the computer yet, so we’ll post those asap…which really probably means by the time she turns 1…which, by the way, is in less than 3 months! That’s just crazy.  I know time flies, this is no new concept to me.  Taylor’s 1st year went by quickly, but not nearly this fast!  Can you believe Taylor will be FOUR later this month?!?!  I’m in the process of planning her birthday party, which is a Fancy Nancy theme.  For months she’s been saying she wanted a princess party or a fairy princess party, depending on the day. Then a few weeks ago she changed her mind and said she wanted a Fancy Nancy party.  So that’s where we are now, and she’s not allowed to change her mind again because I’m about to order her invitations. 🙂  In case you don’t know who Fancy Nancy is, http://childrensbooks.about.com/b/2008/06/17/who-is-fancy-nancy.htm

Also, Taylor starts her 2nd week of swim lessons tomorrow and we haven’t practiced nearly as much as I intended. Two Fridays ago we took a day trip to a friend’s beach house and met up with some other friends who were staying at a condo nearby.  We used their pool for a couple of hours and Taylor surprised us by how brave she was!  She wore her Puddle Jumper floatie and, after some initial hesitation and nervousness, she was swimming around like a little fish.  It helped her to see her friends swimming around being brave.  I hope she’s just as brave tomorrow morning at her lesson!

Alright, I know I barely scratched the surface of what we’ve been up to, but I’ll try to get better.

One more thing, my mom had a CT scan last Wednesday to compare to the one she had this past February before she began chemo.  She’ll get the results Tuesday at her appt. with her oncologist.  Please join me in praying for good results and that the chemo has been successful in shrinking the tumors. Please pray also, for our mental and emotional states during this time.

Sorry for the picture-less post!

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Since we’re a little behind, here are some pictures that we’ve taken recently:

Chilling in her crib

Dancing with Mia

First time on a bike

How’s my hair?

Painting a canvas

Bath time!

Somehow she put this on herself

(words not necessary)

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First time trying baby food

Since Caroline is now over 6 months old we thought we should try feeding her some baby food. Taylor was a champ with baby food and we hoped that it would be the same with Caroline. Not so much. We tried feeding sweet potatoes to her but she did noooot like it.

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I’m not even sure if any of that food went all the way down to her belly. Oh well, looks like this will take more work than it did with Taylor.

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