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preK-3 Day 1

Taylor had her first day of preK-3 yesterday and she did great!  Nick took the whole week off, so we both got to drop her off, which was fun.  She went right into her classroom with no problems, and just observed some of the other children before she started playing with any toys.  It’s hard to believe that she’s already in 3 year old preschool!  When I picked her up, her teacher said, “She and Lauren made fast friends.”  Lauren is one of the new girls in her class, so I tried to get Taylor to tell me about her new friend Lauren once we got home, but she didn’t really offer any info.  The teacher told me today that Lauren and Taylor are both very vocal and imaginative, so she thinks that’s why they clicked.  I’m glad to know a little bit about Lauren – I hope she’s a sweet girl and a good influence on my little one, and vice versa!  There are 4 other kids in her class  from her MDO class last year, so that’s fun for Taylor.  I’m not sure if she was wound up or overly tired or what, but she never fell asleep for her nap yesterday and I’m not sure how long she slept, if any, today.  I hope this isn’t a new normal!  Naptime is crucial…for both of us. 

She’s signed up to go 3 days a week (TWTh).  The Wednesday class is optional so I can take her out of the Wednesday class if for any reason I think we need to.  This morning she didn’t want me to get her dressed for school, but I think she was just tired.  Once she got there she was excited and I basically had to beg her to tell me bye.  This week they’re learning the letter A, the number 1, and the color blue.  Out of the blue this afternoon, Taylor started singing a song about blue that her teacher taught her. It goes something like “We love blue, yes we do, the ocean and sky are blue, and blueberries, and they’re good for you.”  At least that’s the version I got. 🙂


I leave you with the annual “First Day of School” picture.  See how “exciting” she is about her new lunch box?!  (Taylor says “exciting” instead of “excited”, as in, “I’m so exciting!” I love it.  It will be a sad day when she starts to say it correctly.) 



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Baby Face

WHO IS THIS BABY? I was just looking back at some pictures and came across these from late September, taken one morning before Mother’s Day Out. She looks like such a baby to me!

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It’s hard to believe, but Taylor has completed her first year of Mother’s Day Out! It seems like just yesterday that I was typing a post saying it was her first day! It’s been a good year and she’s learned alot and has grown physically and emotionally, too. She really enjoyed it and though she hasn’t verbalized it, I know she’ll miss it and will be glad to go back in the Fall for 3-yr.old preschool! WHAT?!?! My baby is going to be 3 and she’s going to preschool?! That kinda makes me want to cry. She’s growing up so fast and I love her more and more everyday!

Ok, back to MDO. I am pleased with how they actually learned things and didn’t just play the whole time. I know play is important and they definitely did their fair share, but they were also taught things, too. They learned shapes, colors, numbers (1-6, I think – not sure why they stopped there), and the letters of the alphabet. As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, she had a Movement Education class on Tuesdays with Ms. Hope and Spanish on Thursdays with Ms. Toni. She looked forward to these classes and liked to tell me/show me what she learned on those days. I wish I had gotten a picture of her with those teachers, too. Next year, she’ll go to Music class on Wednesdays in addition to Movement and Spanish. I know she’ll love that since she’s such a little songbird already. Below the first day/last day pictures are some that I took at her end-of-the-year party on the last day. The last one cracks me up because it looks like a “prom pose” with her buddy Hudson. The one Hudson’s mom took is even better and more hilarious. 

As for this summer, I plan to review with her all that she learned this year and really work on letter and number recognition. She knows her colors and shapes so that will just be a quick review. Hopefully this will give her a good jumpstart for 3 yr. old preschool next year!

First Day

Last Day

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