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Fancy Nancy Birthday Soiree

For several months  Taylor had been talking about having a Fairy Princess Birthday Party for her 4th birthday.  Then one day about a month or so before her birthday she said she wanted to have a Fancy Nancy Party.  At the time she didn’t have anything Fancy Nancy, and as far as I know the only thing she knew about Fancy Nancy was that her cousin, Ella, got a F.N. game last Christmas. So I was completely surprised.  Soon after she dropped that bomb on me we checked out a Fancy Nancy book from the library, and she was hooked!  If you don’t know anything about Fancy Nancy, you should know that she is a little girl who loves all things fancy, including dress-up clothes and big words.  And if you don’t know my Tay Tay very well, you should know that her name could very well be Fancy Nancy.  She plays dress-up almost all day everyday. It’s not abnormal for her to wear several different dress-up outfits throughout the day.  When she’s not in dress-up clothes, she’s in a dress.  As for her vocabulary, she cracks us up with the words she uses sometimes.

I had lots of fun planning her party!  Of course I didn’t finish everything I wanted to before the party, and during and after the party I thought of things I could have done differently (yes, it stinks to be a perfectionist sometimes) but, I think it turned out well and most importantly the girls had fun!  I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, and I completely forgot to get a posed shot of the fancy girls.  The only group shot I got was at the table when they were eating but you can’t see everyone’s face that great.  Oh well!

The guests were greeted at the door with a Fancy Favor Bag filled with a tiara, wand, necklace and ring.  A few of the girls came dressed to the nines and didn’t really need the goodies in their favor bag.  Everyone was so precious!  I should have had a fashion show! They had fun just playing and putting on their new accessories as they waited for the other guests to arrive.  Once everyone was here we migrated to the den where they colored Fancy Nancy pictures, then had their toenails painted.  What color?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  None other than Flashy Fuschia, of course…fuschia is Nancy’s most favorite color, after all.  They could hardly contain themselves as they waited ever so patiently for their turn.  After that we made tissue paper butterflies with a glittered body made from a clothes pin, which I didn’t get a picture of since I was helping the girls. After that they ate lunch consisting of finger sandwiches, fruit kabobs, veggies and dip, pink lemonade, and pink cupcakes. Last, but definitely not least exciting, was the gift opening. I told Taylor where to sit, then I left the room for about 5 seconds to get the camera, and when I returned she had already begun opening her gifts! All the girls were crowded around her excited to see what she got and telling her which gift was from each one of them. I think it was a bit overwhelming for Taylor because she kept getting up and moving to a different spot!

I didn’t take a picture of the invitation, but it turned out super cute. I pulled colors from the invitation when I made the flag banner hanging in front of the window. You’ll see it in the pictures.


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Happy Birthday!!

Happy 4th birthday to our sweet Taylor!  It is so hard to believe that she was born 4 years ago.  We love her so much and she is so much fun and such a good big sister.

Note: Robyn will post about Taylor’s party very soon! Sorry out-of-town family for keeping you waiting!!!



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Random Updates

I’m so very behind, I don’t even know where to begin!  That kinda sums up my to-do list these days, too.  I feel like there are always things I need to do and things I want to do, and never enough time or money for that matter to do them all.  I just can’t seem to catch up.  Anyway, I’ll start with the last 26 or so hours.  Yesterday afternoon Caroline started running a bit of fever but it wasn’t terribly high, so I figured that if it continued and was still pretty low that I’d just wait until her 9 month well baby check up that was already scheduled for Monday.  Well, by a little before 8 p.m. her temperature had reached 104.4 degrees!  I immediately gave her some Ibuprofen, and after an hour it had only come down 1 degree.  The pediatric group we use has an after-hours and weekend clinic, but they were already closed. I started alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen every 3 hours and her fever steadily came down through the night.  It was a long night, with her sleeping on my chest for most of it.  She woke up several times and sometimes would just scream, so I knew she was hurting.  I suspected an ear infection (or two), so I planned on calling the doctor first thing this morning.  I got an appt for her and my suspicions were confirmed…my sweet baby Caroline has a double ear infection!  As if that wasn’t enough she has a bad cold and is a total mouth breather and super drooley (or is it drooly, or drool-y).  AND she has a really bad rash in the rolls on the back of one of her legs.  Poor little punkin is in a bad way right now.  Please pray with me that the Omnicef will work quickly and that she’ll be back to her happy little self in no time.

On a lighter note, we took some really cute pictures of Caroline the other night, but they’re not on the computer yet, so we’ll post those asap…which really probably means by the time she turns 1…which, by the way, is in less than 3 months! That’s just crazy.  I know time flies, this is no new concept to me.  Taylor’s 1st year went by quickly, but not nearly this fast!  Can you believe Taylor will be FOUR later this month?!?!  I’m in the process of planning her birthday party, which is a Fancy Nancy theme.  For months she’s been saying she wanted a princess party or a fairy princess party, depending on the day. Then a few weeks ago she changed her mind and said she wanted a Fancy Nancy party.  So that’s where we are now, and she’s not allowed to change her mind again because I’m about to order her invitations. 🙂  In case you don’t know who Fancy Nancy is, http://childrensbooks.about.com/b/2008/06/17/who-is-fancy-nancy.htm

Also, Taylor starts her 2nd week of swim lessons tomorrow and we haven’t practiced nearly as much as I intended. Two Fridays ago we took a day trip to a friend’s beach house and met up with some other friends who were staying at a condo nearby.  We used their pool for a couple of hours and Taylor surprised us by how brave she was!  She wore her Puddle Jumper floatie and, after some initial hesitation and nervousness, she was swimming around like a little fish.  It helped her to see her friends swimming around being brave.  I hope she’s just as brave tomorrow morning at her lesson!

Alright, I know I barely scratched the surface of what we’ve been up to, but I’ll try to get better.

One more thing, my mom had a CT scan last Wednesday to compare to the one she had this past February before she began chemo.  She’ll get the results Tuesday at her appt. with her oncologist.  Please join me in praying for good results and that the chemo has been successful in shrinking the tumors. Please pray also, for our mental and emotional states during this time.

Sorry for the picture-less post!

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Swim Lessons for Taylor

Taylor had her first day of swim lessons today at the YMCA and she did so well!  We’ve been wanting to put her in lessons for a while now and finally bit the bullet.  She has a healthy fear of the water, and for that I am glad.  I must admit it’s annoying at times when I’m trying to get her to let go of me at my Dad’s swimming pool, but I’m thankful she’s not fearless and that she won’t just jump into the water thinking she’s invincible.

She has a sweet little instructor named Bridgette.  Her class level is called Pike and according to the flyer they will learn the following:  water adjustment; swim away from wall and swim back with help; front and back float for 20 seconds with or without belt; paddle on front, back and sides 10 yds. with belt and 5 ft. without; know how and when to call for help, reaching assist, use PFD’s.

Today there was only one other child in her class, but I’m thinking more may join because its supposed to be a class minimum of 4 and max of 6.  We shall see.  I don’t mind at all if it’s a small class.  I don’t think that “the more, the merrier” really fits this situation.  Anyway, the other little girl attended the swim lesson session prior to this one, but didn’t pass. Her mom said she thinks the Pike class level is difficult to pass.  Uh-oh. But really, even if she doesn’t pass I know she’ll learn important skills and gain confidence.  I could see a difference already at the end of the 30 minute lesson today!

They started out by sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in and practiced kicking and placing their hands in the proper way to pull water during an arm stroke.  Then they moved on to “safety slides” which is how they safely enter the water by putting both hands on one side of their body on the pool deck, turn over to put their stomach on the side of the pool and slowly slide into the water, while holding onto the side. You got it?  Can you picture that?  She caught on quickly. Next was a bit scarier.  She started out hanging on to Bridgette for dear life during the part where the instructor helped her swim travel from one side of the pool to the other while kicking her legs and doing “big arms.”  The first time or two she would only kick, but wouldn’t use her arms because that would require her to let go of Bridgette, but after a few times, she was kicking AND using both arms!  See?!  Progress already!  Meanwhile, Caroline just hung out, literally, in the Baby Bjorn.  I love you, Baby Bjorn!  (Side note: That was one of my best $5 yard sale purchases EVER!  I wasn’t even pregnant with Taylor yet when I bought it.  We were visiting Nick’s brother and sister-in-law when they lived in North Carolina, and I tried to talk my sister-in-law, who was pregnant at the time, into buying it.  She didn’t want it, so I jumped on that deal.  What.A.Steal!)

Here are some pictures I took! I’m not sure how to put captions on the pictures using this particular slideshow program, sorry! Let’s hope the rest of the lessons go as well as today!

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For those of you who haven’t seen Tay Tay in the last week or so, here’s a picture of her big haircut.  She was so excited to get it cut short and had talked about it for a while.  We loved her long hair but she was ready to cut it.  It’s only the second haircut she’s ever gotten.  They cut off 8 inches so we’ll donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lenghts.


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Since we’re a little behind, here are some pictures that we’ve taken recently:

Chilling in her crib

Dancing with Mia

First time on a bike

How’s my hair?

Painting a canvas

Bath time!

Somehow she put this on herself

(words not necessary)

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Easter eggs

Pretty much every store that we went in for a month before Easter seemed to have easter egg dying kits and Taylor spotted them pretty much every time.  We told her that we’d do that with Grandma in St. Pete once it got closer to Easter and she was so excited (or so “exciting” as she says).  She had fun making a memory with Grandma.

Checking out the different colors

So exciting

Moving the eggs around but not happy about something grandma just told her

The finished products

We didn’t do an egg hunt this year but we told her that next year we’ll do an egg hunt in the back yard for her and Caroline.  She can’t wait!

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