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Taylor’s recital

Taylor was so excited for her first dance recital. She did such a great job and looked beautiful.


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Graduation day

Tuesday was a big day on my road to recovery from ACL surgery.  For the first month after my surgery I went to rehab twice a week.  For the next month after that I went to rehab once a week and then also did some rehab work on my own at the gym.  I’ve been recovering pretty well and on Tuesday they cut me loose from rehab.  I was excited about this for two reasons:  1. rehab is expensive and 2. it means that they feel comfortable with how well I’m doing.


I’ve still got a long way to go and will be rehabbing on my own for a few months still.  The knee is mostly doing good but it still gives me trouble.  Sometimes it will lock up and other times it gets really stiff when I get up after sitting for a long time.  Those things should go away as I continue to recover.

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House Arrest

Note: I started this post as a draft on 7/14, but now I don’t feel like editing it, but wanted to post the picture since it was so funny to me.  It’s now the 25th and everyone is well again. Praise the Lord!

I was brushing Taylor’s teeth last night and looked down to find this…

I cracked up and immediately thought it looked like a house arrest ankle bracelet.  We indeed are on house arrest these days because both girls have hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Yuck.  Caroline picked it up last week from the nursery at the gym, but we had no clue.  She started running a fever on Saturday and by just before 8 p.m. it had reached 104.4! Yikes!  I had no idea that HFM was going around, and I certainly didn’t know that the gym nursery was contaminated.  So I figured she just had an ear infection, and immediately started alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen throughout the night.  It was a rough night to say the least.

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6 week post-op update

Today I had my 6 week checkup and everything looks great.  I’ve still got a lot of progress to make but I think I’m past where most people are by this point.  Going to rehab and being in decent shape before I got hurt makes a big difference.  I go to rehab twice a week and do exercises at home (sometimes) also.

I had been using 1 crutch beginning two weeks after surgery and had been using it until about a week and a half ago.  I was still wearing my brace for stability but I started to ween myself off that also.  At therapy yesterday they pretty much told me to quit wearing the brace and that’s fine with me.  I’ve been in some sort of brace for almost 3 months and today has been the first day that I haven’t worn one at all.  And it feels great!  And I can quit wearing the same four pairs of pants to work (I only had a few pairs that were wide enough to fit over that huge brace).  Doesn’t this thing look like fun?

I feel pretty stable and somewhat strong on my left left but my quad strength is the main area where I need to improve.  My legs aren’t big to begin with but yesterday they were comparing my quads to each other and they kept saying “look how tiny that little left one is.”  Several times.  But it really is that tiny so I couldn’t say much.

I’ll keep going to therapy for a while longer but even after I’m done with that I’ll still have several months until I’m fully recovered.  The hardest part of the recovery is that it hasn’t been linear.  By that I mean there’s been a lot of two steps forward and 1 step back days.  It’s frustrating to me since I’d like to keep getting better and better without any regression but that’s not how this game is played.  But now I’ve learned that lesson and I’m ready to keep chugging along.

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I would start out with an apology for the lack of blogging, but I’m pretty sure the couple of people who still read the blog have already talked to Nick. 🙂  So why am I blogging, then?  Just so we can remember, I guess.

It’s been 9 days since Nick’s ACL Reconstruction and I’m very happy to say that he’s doing great!  He hasn’t taken any Percocet since Sunday night and has very little pain.  He will start taking it again next week when he begins Physical Therapy.  It’s supposed to be brutal and he is not looking forward to it one bit!  Neither am I. But in a way I am looking forward to the humorous stories that the Percocet provides. More on that in a minute.  As far as what Nick does everyday…he alternates between lying on the couch with his leg propped on pillows and sitting on the couch with his leg propped on pillows on the coffee table.  Not because he’s being lazy, he just really can’t do anything. He’s in an immobilizer (straight brace) and uses crutches (or crunches, as Taylor calls them). He has a few exercises he does several times a day and of course gets up to walk around a few times a day.  I’m super surprised he hasn’t gone stir crazy, because he’s not one to enjoy sitting around all day long.

Ok, for the funny Percocet side effects:

1. Nick told me, “I was going to ask you when I last talked to Latoya Jackson.” But then he thought, “no, I shouldn’t ask her that because I don’t really know her…but I do, I do know her and I need to talk to her about something.” He went back and forth in his head several times before he finally decided that he didn’t need to ask me.

2. I was getting back into bed after feeding Caroline in the middle of the night and Nick woke himself up by slapping his face over and over and over. He was thoroughly freaked out.

People keep asking me if Nick’s been a difficult patient, and every time I answer “no, he’s really not.”  Yes, he is needy since he’s very limited on what he’s able/allowed to do, but he’s been very kind and patient.  Even so, it’s been challenging for me taking care of 3 people, but I’m hanging in there!  We’ll go back to the Dr. on the 31st for his follow-up appt. and to have the staples, all 15 of them, removed.  Then the next day is his first PT session!  All in all, recovery is going well (minus the initial 36 hours), and though there’s still a long way to go, we know it will be well worth it once he’s fully recovered.

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Nick’s surgery yesterday went well, but now he’s in alot of pain. He stayed at the hospital and had an awful night because the pain wouldn’t let him sleep. Please, please pray that they’ll get the pain managed very soon. They’ll keep him at the hospital until that happens. Thank you for your prayers.

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Welcome home

We’ve been home from our week-long vacation for about 6 hours and these two things have happened:

1. The ceiling fan in our bedroom fell down onto the bed. Thankfully no one was on the bed when it happened.

2. We discovered that a cat had a litter of kittens in our shed.

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