Sometimes it’s easier to post pictures, instead of trying to write paragraphs.


This is the album cover shot


I’ve got your nose


Naps at the beach are the best


She’ll swim, but only if she’s wearing floaties


This is her favorite pose


Best friends




Happy 4th birthday to our sweet Taylor!  It is so hard to believe that she was born 4 years ago.  We love her so much and she is so much fun and such a good big sister.

Note: Robyn will post about Taylor’s party very soon! Sorry out-of-town family for keeping you waiting!!!



Tuesday was a big day on my road to recovery from ACL surgery.  For the first month after my surgery I went to rehab twice a week.  For the next month after that I went to rehab once a week and then also did some rehab work on my own at the gym.  I’ve been recovering pretty well and on Tuesday they cut me loose from rehab.  I was excited about this for two reasons:  1. rehab is expensive and 2. it means that they feel comfortable with how well I’m doing.


I’ve still got a long way to go and will be rehabbing on my own for a few months still.  The knee is mostly doing good but it still gives me trouble.  Sometimes it will lock up and other times it gets really stiff when I get up after sitting for a long time.  Those things should go away as I continue to recover.


I took this picture of Caroline several weeks ago but we never posted it.  This is the first time that she tried peaches.  For obvious reasons, we haven’t fed them to her again.


If you know Nick and me (yes, “me” is correct here, not “I”…I’m no grammar professional, but I do know a thing or two about the use of I and me in sentences…that’s another post for another day…that, and “y’all” versus “ya’ll”; maybe I’ll start on that post in a minute), you know that we enjoy a good home improvement project.  We’ve lived in this house for over 3 years and never really loved the look of the fireplace brick. It has really warm, peachy tones to it, and I’ve wanted to change it for quite some time.  Well, I have a bit of a fear of commitment with some things, namely if they’re pretty irreversible and painting brick is pretty irreversible…unless of course you want to sandblast it, which I definitely will not be doing inside my den. Anyway, so a couple of weeks ago, or maybe it was a couple of months ago, I had the brilliant idea to color the fireplace brick with white chalk to kinda get an idea of what it would look like painted white.  I figured the chalk would be easy to get off in case I didn’t like it.  Well, I finally got around to painting it last week. Did we finally decide that we would love the painted brick? Nope. Did we have a birthday party to get ready for? Yep. As a matter of fact, Nick wasn’t sure he’d like it at all, but he told me to do it anyway. So I did. And after the first coat, neither of us were sure we liked it. It was so stark!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love bright white and all the trim/doors in our house along with some other pieces of furniture are Behr Ultra Pure White, by our doing. It’s so clean and crisp and I usually love it.  But I wasn’t so sure about it on the brick, especially since we were planning on leaving the wooden mantle in it’s stained state rather than painting it.  We left the brick with it’s one coat for 2 days before I put on the second coat. As we waited we talked about our options: paint it the same as the wall color in the den, or mix in some white with the wall color of the den, or use the color that’s in the living/dining rooms, etc.  In the end we decided to paint a second coat of white and live with for a while, knowing we could always change it again later…and we very well may, but for now we’ve decided we like it.  I added a plant in the firebox, which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but just now got around to it, and it really adds some life and softens it up a bit, making it look less stark. As for the wood mantle, it does stand out a little but it’s growing on me. I love painted mantles and it would be gorgeous painted white, but I’m leaving it for now for a few reasons. Without further adieu, here is our fireplace with her facelift.  Check out the little surprise that popped out at me as I was painting.

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Note: I started this post as a draft on 7/14, but now I don’t feel like editing it, but wanted to post the picture since it was so funny to me.  It’s now the 25th and everyone is well again. Praise the Lord!

I was brushing Taylor’s teeth last night and looked down to find this…

I cracked up and immediately thought it looked like a house arrest ankle bracelet.  We indeed are on house arrest these days because both girls have hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Yuck.  Caroline picked it up last week from the nursery at the gym, but we had no clue.  She started running a fever on Saturday and by just before 8 p.m. it had reached 104.4! Yikes!  I had no idea that HFM was going around, and I certainly didn’t know that the gym nursery was contaminated.  So I figured she just had an ear infection, and immediately started alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen throughout the night.  It was a rough night to say the least.

The last several days haven’t been that pretty around here.  Robyn is (very thankfully) feeling fine but the rest of us can’t say that.

When Robyn took Caroline to the doctor last Sunday and they said that she had some white spots on the back of her mouth.  The doctor didn’t really seem concerned but said that it could be thrush.  Robyn did some googling and after talking to some friends whose kids have the same symptoms, she realized that little Caroline has Hand Foot & Mouth Disease.  The other kids we know who have it all go to the same nursery at the church where Robyn and some of her friends work out.  HFM basically gives sores/blisters on your hands, feet and mouth (it’s a really clever name).  Caroline’s hands a feet are a little peely and she had some bad blisters in between her toes and underneath but none on the soles of her feet and only one or two on her palms.  And she won’t let us look in her mouth but it doesn’t seem to be that bad.  The worst of her symptoms seem to be over by now and she’s been eating just fine.

After Caroline caught it, Taylor started showing symptoms on about Tuesday when she had a 103 fever.  Her biggest complaint besides that was her sore throat, which looked awful.  She has several spots on the back of her mouth, which makes it really painful for her to eat and drink.  Her hands and feet look fine though.  Her throat is still a little sore but she’s doing good and doesn’t have much pain eating anymore.

As for me, I was hoping that I wouldn’t catch anything, but Thursday afternoon at work I started feeling bad and had to come home around 2:00.  Robyn took my temperature when I came home and I had a 103.5 fever.  Later that night I started feeling a little better but then I took a turn for the worse around 9:00.  Long story short, I spent the entire next day either laying in bed or laying on the couch.  I felt awful all day and had a fever around 102 all day long along with some nausea, headache, dizziness and achiness.  All I could eat all day was a few bites of a sub at dinner.  That night my fever broke and I’ve been feeling much better since then.  My throat is sore and I have some of the same bumps that Taylor had but they’re not too terribly painful.  My hands and feet have been really sensitive today but that’s not exactly what HFM is supposed to do, so I don’t know if I have it or not.

And Robyn was supposed to go to the beach with some of her sorority sisters, but had to stay home to play nurse.  This trip has been in the works since the end of March!  She was REALLY looking forward to it and REALLY needed a getaway with old friends.  😦

Sorry if all that is more info that you care to hear about but that’s what we’ve been dealing with the last several days!