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Merry Christmas


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Mostly pictures

We’ve been a busy little family lately and blogging has been put on the backburner.  We still take as many pictures as always and have great intentions of posting them, but never get around to it, so here are several all at once.


We’re all very excited for Christmas, especially Taylor.  With weather that’s been in the 70’s it’s hard to believe that Christmas is a week from today.  We hope that all our family and friends have a great Christmas as we celebrate the reason for the season.


This is Caroline’s favorite way to sleep


We took a trip to Auburn a few weeks ago to see our good friends the Comptons.  Taylor and Campbell had a lot of fun together and it was a great to see our old friends


I walked in to check on the girls one night and this is how Caroline was sleeping


Tay Tay likes to play video games just like Daddy


A little family bonfire


She’s a little daredevil


Mommy and Taylor after going to see the Nutcracker ballet


Taylor did a great job playing an angel at the church Christmas play



This wasn’t staged!  Nick and his little twin really did catch some zzz’s like this!

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A lot of sickness

The last several days haven’t been that pretty around here.  Robyn is (very thankfully) feeling fine but the rest of us can’t say that.

When Robyn took Caroline to the doctor last Sunday and they said that she had some white spots on the back of her mouth.  The doctor didn’t really seem concerned but said that it could be thrush.  Robyn did some googling and after talking to some friends whose kids have the same symptoms, she realized that little Caroline has Hand Foot & Mouth Disease.  The other kids we know who have it all go to the same nursery at the church where Robyn and some of her friends work out.  HFM basically gives sores/blisters on your hands, feet and mouth (it’s a really clever name).  Caroline’s hands a feet are a little peely and she had some bad blisters in between her toes and underneath but none on the soles of her feet and only one or two on her palms.  And she won’t let us look in her mouth but it doesn’t seem to be that bad.  The worst of her symptoms seem to be over by now and she’s been eating just fine.

After Caroline caught it, Taylor started showing symptoms on about Tuesday when she had a 103 fever.  Her biggest complaint besides that was her sore throat, which looked awful.  She has several spots on the back of her mouth, which makes it really painful for her to eat and drink.  Her hands and feet look fine though.  Her throat is still a little sore but she’s doing good and doesn’t have much pain eating anymore.

As for me, I was hoping that I wouldn’t catch anything, but Thursday afternoon at work I started feeling bad and had to come home around 2:00.  Robyn took my temperature when I came home and I had a 103.5 fever.  Later that night I started feeling a little better but then I took a turn for the worse around 9:00.  Long story short, I spent the entire next day either laying in bed or laying on the couch.  I felt awful all day and had a fever around 102 all day long along with some nausea, headache, dizziness and achiness.  All I could eat all day was a few bites of a sub at dinner.  That night my fever broke and I’ve been feeling much better since then.  My throat is sore and I have some of the same bumps that Taylor had but they’re not too terribly painful.  My hands and feet have been really sensitive today but that’s not exactly what HFM is supposed to do, so I don’t know if I have it or not.

And Robyn was supposed to go to the beach with some of her sorority sisters, but had to stay home to play nurse.  This trip has been in the works since the end of March!  She was REALLY looking forward to it and REALLY needed a getaway with old friends.  😦

Sorry if all that is more info that you care to hear about but that’s what we’ve been dealing with the last several days!

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Home Sweet Home

We’re home!  Nick got discharged from the hospital a little before 5 this evening.  All 3 of his girls are super happy to have him home, though Taylor wishes her Daddy would play silly with her.  That’s going to take a little time for Taylor to get used to. We had his prescriptions filled on the way home, and we’re happy to say that his pain is not as constant or intense as it was overnight and earlier today…thanks to the stronger percocet and many people’s prayers!

Some sweet friends of ours brought yummy enchiladas to us tonight and for that we are grateful!  It’s great to have a break from the responsibility of cooking.  Our wonderful neighbors, who I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, had the girls pretty much all day yesterday and today.  We are so so so blessed by them. They love God and love people, and are such selfless servants.  We really don’t know what we’d do without them.  They’ve been there for us on numerous occasions for many different things. Neighbors, if you’re reading this, you are priceless!

Nick’s asleep on the couch as I type and we’re hoping and praying for a good night sleep for him tonight. I would attach a picture or two from his phone, but I don’t know how.  We’ll try to do that tomorrow.  Thank you again for your prayers. Please continue to pray for effective pain management and protection for possible risks/complications from surgery.

Here’s a picture from when I brought the girls to see their daddy the night of the surgery.


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Nick’s Surgery

We just wanted to let you know that Nick will have surgery tomorrow, Monday the 16th, to repair his torn ACL. He’s supposed to be there at 11 to check-in and surgery is scheduled for 1:00.  Caroline and I will take Nick to the hospital while Taylor stays with our awesome neighbors.  Caroline will stay with me there at least for a little while and our priceless neighbors have offered to come get Caroline from the hospital if I need her to. We ask for your prayers.  Here are some specific requests:

– that surgery will start on time and there will be no complications

– that Nick and I won’t be anxious, but that the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus

– for his initial and long-term recovery to be as quick as possible

– for God to guide the surgeon’s hands and that the other surgery staff would be focused and excellent

– that Nick will tolerate the anesthesia well

– that there will be no surprises in the knee

– for Taylor to be gentle with her Daddy and able to understand what’s going on

– that Taylor will be on her best behavior for her babysitter and for Caroline to be good for me 🙂

– that for Nick’s pain will be quickly and easily managed

– that I (Robyn) won’t go crazy during Nick’s recovery and that I’ll be a selfless servant

Alright, I think that about covers it! 🙂  So go ahead and start praying now so you’ll have time to cover them all!  Seriously, though, thank you in advance for your prayers.  I’ll post again tomorrow as soon as I can.

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Beach trip

We had a great trip to St. Pete last week.  It was a lot of fun to see family and my parents loved seeing Taylor and Caroline.  One of the fun things we did while we were down there was to go to Caladesi Island.  My mom took the day off work and stayed home with Caroline, which was great of her.  My sister-in-law and their kids Mia and Nathan went with us while Jonathan worked and Taylor had a lot of fun playing with them.  The island itself wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be but it was still fun.

Taylor and her cousins

Taylor and Nathan

She had a lot of fun out there

Heading down the boardwalk to the boat after a long day on the island

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We’ve been pretty busy lately with a lot of different things.  Here’s a recap:

Nick turned 33 on the 3rd and we celebrated with carrot cake cupcakes that Robyn and Taylor made.

Taylor has been having a lot of fun being outside in this nice weather.

Last Thursday night we had a weekday date night which is very unusual for us.  We both like Mark Schultz and he put on a free concert at an outdoor park in Pensacola to benefit Bethany Christian Services.

The Crooms came in town on Wednesday and the kids have had a ton of fun playing together, as usual.  While the big kids were swinging,

Caroline chilled on the hammock.


On Saturday we all went to Fairhope for the annual arts & crafts festival.  It was fun but the girls made it a little tough.  Lesson learned for next year.  That night the whole crew got together for dinner at Robyn’s dad’s house.

Today Robyn and Taylor went to see the Mobile Ballet put on their rendition of Cinderella. More info and pics of that to come late.


And we finished our weekend by having a picnic of chili cheese dogs.

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